When we send an email from Schoolcomms, the email address that you will see is SC8674058a@schoolcomms.com.

We want to make sure that you are getting email messages into your Inbox rather than your Junk Mail folder. Here are some instructions about how to add our email address to the safe sender list for some of the more commonly used email programs.

• Select the Home tab and select the Junk icon then Junk Email Options …
• You may get a message to say this is not available but click on OK and the options should open
• Select the Safe Senders tab and add the school’s Schoolcomms email address SC8674058a@schoolcomms.com


• Log into Hotmail
• Click “Options” (the cog symbol on the top right hand side of the screen) | “More email settings”
• Under the heading “Preventing junk email”, click “Safe and blocked senders” then “Safe senders”
• Type in the email address and click “Add to list”

Yahoo! Mail:
• Use the “Not Spam” button to report messages you want in your Inbox that were delivered to your Bulk folder.

Gmail or Googlemail:
• Open the email
• Click “More Options” in the email header
• Click “Add Sender to Contact List”

Apple Mail:
• Add the email address to your address book
• In Training mode, emails will arrive in the inbox highlighted in brown. In Automatic mode, junk emails will arrive in the Junk box. To add an email that arrived in the Junk folder, highlight the email message, click “Mark” and select “As Not Junk Mail”

Talk Talk:
• Click the “Settings” tab
• Click the “Mail” link in the settings list
• From the Filters section, select “Blocked Senders List”
• Click on “edit”
• Make the necessary changes. You can add and remove named users from the list of blocked senders. You can turn the filter on and off by selecting “Active” or “Inactive”
• Click “ok” when finished