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Research by Developmental Psychologist Dr Carol Dweck of Stanford University points to people having one of two mindsets: Growth or Fixed. A child’s belief about intelligence is an important factor in whether they become an effective learner. We all hold beliefs about concepts such as ‘intelligence’, ‘ability’ and ‘personality’, with roughly half of us holding […]


This form is for you to make your final selection of courses to study over the next two years. You have to select one course from each option block. Block Subject Choice. The teachers of the KS4 only subjects are also available for appointments if you want to find out more about those subjects. If […]


You may have seen some comments on social media referring to groups of young people who were playing on the lakes at Chaucer Woods, Crowthorne. Members of the public were concerned that the group thought to be year 8-10 boys from Sandhurst and Edgbarrow were sliding on the frozen lakes between 10 and 11pm last […]


As of the 1st April 2017, Sandhurst School will be taking over Sandhurst Sports Centre. Recurring bookings will remain in place. However, nearer the time we will make an online form accessible if you wish to make any additional block bookings in any of the facilities.